Artist bio

Joseph Obanubi (1994) is a visual artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. He studied graphic design at the University of Lagos, Nigeria where he obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in 2015 and 2017 respectively. Obanubi’s professional projects include Techno-Heads (which was shortlisted as part of the finalist for the contemporary African photography prize in 2019 and also won the British Council Prize for Emerging Artist in 2019 ), Wrap your minds around, Altered Reality and Escapes, Performance in public spaces amongst others.

Personal Statement

''I am a multimedia artist whose work explores question of identity and fantasy within the context of technology and globalization. My work reconstructs fragments found in the everyday experiences adopting digital/photo montage/immersive techniques that mixes reality and delusion. I consider my work to be a visual bricolage - a (re)construct of different subjects taken from their original context into a new one. My approach is mostly surreal and Afro-futuristic, and provides an alternative way of seeing regular things. My goal is to give new insight into the way we see things, especially the ones in unusual places around us''.

Using Format